Friday, 23 July 2010

A Grey Area

There is something bewitching about this variegated yarn. I was so drawn to it's mix of greys and charcoals that I bought two skeins intending to knit it into something myself.

At first I thought it would make a great eternity scarf, but after further consideration I realised that I couldn't face knitting a big tube and decided that a triangular shawl might be more my thing.

On Monday night I wound the first skein into a ball. Warning bell 1: when I unlooped the skein I thought "it's very stripey". Undetered, yesterday I eagerly cast on Using Orlane's textured shawl recipe. Warning bell 2: it's hard to see the texture with so much variegation. So after knitting 40 rows I put my knitting away and moped around for an hour or so. I then browsed through every project made in this yarn on ravelry. I didn't like any of them! Finally I came to the realisation: I don't like the look of this yarn, or any variegated yarn, when it is knit up.

Woe is me! What to do now with 2 skeins of this accursed yarn? Bury them in my stash? Do a give-away? No. I have decided that it is still lovely yarn, it is Malabrigo afterall, and it might not look right for me but it would make a pretty cute jumper for a little boy that I know whose birthday is coming up soon. I know his mum will read this so I won't give any more away....

Hmmm, even the photos for this post are grey and dreary ;(


  1. I have to be honest, I'm not a big fan of variegated yarns. I do find many of them beautiful all skeined up. But I am too type A to deal with the "accidental" pooling and striping. I recently crocheted a scarf using variegated Silky Merino and while the colors were beautiful and vibrant, I hated that scarf by about 5" in. I had to fight the pooling and areas where it produced 8" of striping throughout! It was very frustrating. It was definitely not the right project for my yarn. I wish I would've been able to find one that was. So good luck with the jumper!

  2. I'm with ya too. Variegated yarns kinda drives me bonkers. I think for me the look of a garment made from then screams "home made". I haven't found one project that I like.

    I have found that i am in LOVE with tonal yarns that have subtle lights and darks of the same shade, like mal does so well in it's fingering weight.


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