Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Nina Kina

A couple of weeks ago I finished the Baby Kina cardigan that I supersized for Nina, so I managed to get all 3 knit before the start of summer which is an fantastic achievement. Nina, most importantly, loves the colour and the soft drapiness of the fabric, and wanted to wear it straight away. Here she is in her Kina, self-styled.

There is a girl's version of this cardigan, which looks to be a little tighter around  the neckline and with more pronounced gathers. Since I was using a different weight yarn to that specified I figured I would have to fudge it a bit either way, and this way I didn't need to pay for the pattern again. If you are interested in my mods check out my Ravelry project page. 


  1. Lovely !
    The good reason to be a girl :)

  2. She does look like she loves it!

  3. Oh my! Instant favorite there. Love this & I know my little girl would love it even more. :)


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