Saturday, 20 March 2010

Knitted Gift Giveaway

I am a big fan of the blog giveaway. Most of the time I am a bit shy when it comes to leaving comments on other peoples blogs, but the promise of a giveaway helps me to come out of my shell and find my voice every time (funny that!).

A couple of weeks ago I even won something - yay! Hadley at shescrafty handknits did a giveaway of her Tassel Pixie Cap pattern. I am so thrilled to have won this and am planning to knit this with the gorgeous yellow Malabrigo Worsted that I bought at the beginning of the month. Now I am hoping to win the 16-Cable Hat giveaway on the Never Not Knitting blog.

So anyway, it got me thinking that I could do my own giveaway. I don't have any patterns or products to giveaway but I thought I could knit a gift for the lucky winner. There are a few conditions: it has to be a one-skein project, there will be a short wait for the gift (I'll try my best but I am a tortoise when it comes to knitting), and the winner must agree to send me some photos that I can post on my blog.

In order to enter all you need to do is leave a comment on this post and answer two simple questions:
1. I would like a knit for my...
(a) head
(b) neck
(c) hands
(d) feet

2. My favourite colour is...
(please describe the colour, shade, intensity in at least 3 words. E.g. "warm yolky yellow")

I will choose a winner at random from the comments and post the details on my blog. Please make sure that I have a way to contact you (via email, your blog, Ravelry, etc). Entries close 27 March 2010.

Comments for this post have now closed - winners have been notified. Thanks for all your comments! knitkntnat


  1. Hello hello! This is so cool, I love your blog, & am very impressed by your accomplishments darling Nat.
    I want to enter & would love a knitnotnat creation to keep my head warm this winter. Colours of the ocean to remind us of summer days.
    Hope all is well & will have to catch up soon so you can meet Valentina.
    Kate oxoxo

  2. Hi:)
    Came across your blog on Ravelry (I'm cinnamini82 on there). Every time I see someone using Malabrigo Worsted for something, my heart does a little skip. I have always knit with acrylic or other really cheap yarn and only recently bought my first hank of Malabrigo. I have no clue what to make with it, I'm nervous about using it!
    Here are my answers: I would like something knit for my hands, and my favorite color is bright sunburst orange :)


  3. Hi sis - I would love for you to knit something for my neck and I will need to keep warm on the station during the chilly winter months (even if it takes you until next winter). My colour choice would be rich ruby red!

  4. something for my robins egg blue!


  5. Great blog Nat! Didn't know you were such a passionate knitter. You must tell me how you manage to be mum, work, plan weddings and knit! I am only doing one of those things and failing miserably...
    If I win I'd love something warm winter red for Alice's feet so that she doesn't always have to dress in her big brother's boy blue hand me downs...
    Annika x

  6. Nat, i likey likey your blog. So passionate and fun! What a clever little lady you are.

    If you pick me I would love a little something for my neck in the old rock 'n' roll favourite of smokey tobacco sunburst.....

    Keep on knitting!

  7. I love your blog almost as much as I love you, I know your knitting me a hat but if I were to win your blog giveaway, could you knit me a canary yellow maknini?

  8. I'm too late!!! :( balls! Give me a second chance Knitnotnat... I would love some sexy knitted bed socks to keep my tootsie's warm on these cold nights... maybe in something subtle like burnt orange ;)


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