Friday, 11 November 2011

Twin Baby Kinas

I finally got a chance to download some photos from the camera so now is my chance to show off my first two Baby Kina cardigans (and my growing bubs). Olive and Eliza are now 7months old and were more interested in putting the cardigans in their mouths than cooperating for a photo shoot. I might try to photograph them again once they can sit up unassisted.

This pattern is a simple knit but my knitting of it was hampered by lack of sleep, teething twins and carpal tunnel (I had carpal tunnel after Nina was born and have it again now). I'm very happy with the outcome and absolutely love the yarn. I'm now a quarter of the way through a third Baby Kina for Nina but only seem to be able to manage 3 or 4 rows a night. Slow and steady...


  1. They're perfectly gorgeous - both the twins and the cardigans! I'll have to check that pattern out. I hope your carpal tunnel sorts itself out soon.

  2. Your sweet baby girls look very adorable in their new sweaters. The pattern is a very nice one which I printed out a while ago but still have not knit yet.


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