Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Formula Tin Succulent Pots

We go through a lot of baby formula feeding the twins so I am always trying to think good ways to reuse the mountain of empty cans that accumulate. Then, recently my mum brought up a bunch of succulent cuttings from her garden and so began my first project, formula tin succulent pots.

Quick dry enamel spray paint in pink and "mandarin". 3 coats of the pink and 4 coats of yellow.

Drainage holes punched into the bottom with a carving fork. This was my husband's idea, I was going to use a drill. But I have to admit this was a quick and easy solution.

Add succulent potting mix, succulents and pebbles, and voila! I think they look pretty cute.


  1. Love it! They look great! Hopefully I'll succeed in getting some curtains hung today - I need to saw a metal pole to size and not looking forward to it.

  2. How didyou cut the built in leveller of the can? Thanks!


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