Saturday, 1 May 2010

#5 - Location, Location, Location

After yesterday's wordy post I thought I might let the pictures do most of the talking.


I knit at home on the lounge in the evenings after my daughter has gone to bed and I knit to and from work on the train twice a week. Today's subject inspired me to do a bit of a tidy up and a rearrange at home and even a bit of home accessory crafting. My old diamond stitch mittens have been reincarnated as a smart needle storage tin, and I knitted a tissue box cover out of string. More on these DIY projects next week.


  1. The photos are lovely. Your colours are so vivid. Certainly wouldn't have achieved that with the iPhone!

  2. I love all your needles out on display! They're so bright and cheerful.

  3. oh my gosh I love your needles and your knitting area is so perfect with those little baskets! I assume that's yarn storage? It's perfect and gorgeous! :)

  4. Unfortunately only 2 of the baskets are for my yarn (and they are both filled to the brim) - the other 6 baskets are filled with my 2 year old daughter's toys! I can't wait to have my own craft room one day!


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