Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Phat Knits

Image from Bauke Knotterus website

Jamie stumbled across this on the web the other day and new that it would tickle my fancy. Dutch design studio Bauke Knottnerus create crazy cool interior products made from giant threads. I love the concept and this knitted hangout mat in particular. I wish I knew how they actually made it...giant needles??


  1. Hi Nat,
    My name is Margot and I work with your sister Nicole at teach.NSW. Nicole showed me the beautiful red scarf you knitted for her and I was wondering if I could have the pattern so I can make one for myself. I promise to make it in a different colour so that Nicole and I won't look like twins! lol :-)

  2. Maybe they machine knit it? It's totally cool!

  3. Hi Margot! I'm sure Nic would love to have a clone at work - hehehe. I'm posting about the drop stitch scarf tomorrow so stay tuned :)


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