Wednesday, 28 April 2010

#3 - One Great Knitter (or two)

Today my job is to write about a knitter whose work (whether because of project choice, photography, styling, scale of projects, stash, etc) I enjoy. I can't start anywhere else but with my lovely and ├╝ber-crafty mother, Michelle.

Mum Knitting

Mum has been knitting since she was 8 years old, so that means she has been knitting for almost half a century! She also spins, weaves, sews, and paints, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Name a craft and she has most likely tried her hand at it.

Her craft room is an experience in itself. Walls lined to the ceiling with crates full of yarn, categorised by colour or weight or application. There are shelves full of spindles of weaving yarns and a loom or two, and bookcases crammed with craft books. I am so lucky to occasionally have access to this wonderland (closely supervised of course) and a stash that makes the mind boggle.

mums craft room

Mum is one of those knitters who can knit up a garment in just a few nights or a few hours if it is for one of the grand kids. She also seems to be able to just figure things out and makes things up as she goes. Basically she is the polar opposite of slow and steady me, who is always grabbing my trusty Needlecraft book or looking for video tutorials on the internet. Below is a picture of my little angel Nina wearing one of the garments her Granny knit her last Winter. I love this hoodie and will try and squeeze her into it a few more times before she grows out of it totally.

Knitter in the making, Nina, wearing her gorgeous yellow cabled hoodie.

When it comes to a knitter outside the family and outside of my actual circle of friends, then the other great knitter whose work supplies me with many hours of online browsing, reading and spending is Kelly of Tangled Yarns in Brisbane.

Tangled Yarn' s Snapdragon Tam by Ysolda Teague (photo © Tangled Yarns)

I feel like a bit of a knitting groupie but luckily I have already confessed to Kelly that I am writing about her. I first discovered Tangled Yarns when I was on the hunt for a Malabrigo supplier in Australia, and when I found the online store it was like someone had created the dream online knitting store just for me! I then subscribed to the newsletter, started following the blog and joined the Ravelry group, all of which are inspiring and informative.

Unlike most e-newsletters, which seem to just want to sell you something, the Tangled Yarns weekly newsletter is a great read and always welcome in my inbox (I have never said that about a weekly newsletter before!). I love how Kelly takes the time to point out interesting patterns in a new publication, or suggests and links to online patterns that can be made from her yarns. Such a great idea!

I love the projects that Kelly chooses to make. They incorporate gorgeous colours (and many shades of grey - my favourite!), and cover many styles from children's wear to toys, afghans to cardigans. And as you can see, all are beautifully photographed. She also makes me want to learn to crochet!!

Tangled Yarn's crochet projects: (L-R) Filigree Bowl by Linda Permann, Babette Blanket by Kathy Merrick, Ruby Hexagon Blanket by Nova Seals. (Photos © Tangled Yarns)

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  1. Wow mum looks like a knitting queen. I love your shots of her craft room. It looks much more colourful than when it was my bedroom!


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