Sunday, 25 April 2010

Blast from the Past

These 3 patchwork jumpers (that's Aussie for "sweaters") were made by my mum for my sisters and I back in the Eighties. Each one is jam packed full of crazy colours (Ken Done eat your heart out) and features appliqued characters, knitted crocheted, beaded, you name it. I'm so glad she has kept them and was happy to photograph them for her today.

At the time I adored mine. Mine was based on a circus theme with a trapeze artist, elephant, lion and clown. I can remember being stopped by total strangers in public who wanted to adore the jumper and found out where it was from. At the time, of course, I wanted to die of embarrassment. This is one of the many jumpers that my mum knit for me during my childhood, but one of the only ones that I have a vivid memory of. You can probably imagine why.

With the 80s continuing to make a revival in fashion, you have to wonder when we'll see something like this in the shops or on the catwalk!


  1. Oh my lordy!!! You have taken me straight back to my childhood - my Nanna Fanta was a big knitter, and I had several jumpers like this - we used to go through her knitting books and choose which one we wanted every year... I'll have to try and find some pics. Stylin'!

  2. OMG I remember these...!! High fashion on high street!

  3. oh man... I'm just old enough to have caught the tail end of that and it makes me cringe! Am I the only one worried about the 80's making their come back?


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