Thursday, 29 April 2010

#4 - A New Skill - Continental Style Knitting

I often bemoan the fact that I am a painfully slow knitter and it takes me an eternity to finish each project. I have also lately been suffering from a bit of RSI that could possibly be in part due to my nightly knitting vigils. The solution to both these problems could well be to learn how to knit in the continental style. I have been considering this for a while and have recently been motivated to learn after my good friend Maja made the switch.

Maja used the video tutorials on the Drops Design website (knit and purl) but after spending an hour and a half on the train this afternoon watching all the videos on YouTube that come up when you search for "knitting continental", this is by far my favourite...

It is clearly explained visually and verbally and shows the knit and purl stitches as well as YO, K2tog, and SSK. I've heard that purling in continental style is difficult but this technique looks quite straight forward. Mind you, I haven't even picked up the needles and tried it yet so I will have to report back on this matter.

Once I learn the continental style and master 200 stitches in under 3 minutes it is only a matter of time before I will be able to give current speed knitting world record holder Miriam Tegels a run for her money. She can knit 118 stitches per minute - awesome!

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